12th November of 2021
The Key in Weave Living Properties

There’s a popular movement going on in busy city centers like Hong Kong: the rise of rental brands. For rental brand operators to optimise the living experience, they need to find more convenient ways to control access across multiple properties for their large number of residents as well as staff.

Weave Living is Asia Pacific’s leading owner, developer, and operator of rental accommodation, offering hassle-free city living in many prime locations. The company strives to bring individuals together in inspiring spaces, allowing them to thrive in an urban environment.

It provides a range of long- and short-term rentals including Weave Suites, which emulate a stay on the concierge level of a luxury hotel; Weave Residences, which are like traditional apartment rentals; and Weave Studios for co-living accommodations popular with millennial types. Within these properties, Weave Living’s residences boast a range of living options such as furnished apartments with private kitchens and bathrooms, and private studios with shared spaces like kitchens, living rooms, workspaces, and gyms.

To maximise its residential and staff experience, Weave Living realised its need for a keyless entry system. It required a system that would allow residents and staff alike to enter and exit living units and shared spaces like main entrances, gyms, rooftops/terraces and meeting rooms without mechanical keys. Managing traditional mechanical keys with rental residents who might only live in a property for as little as a month would be nearly impossible. Additionally, the use of mechanical keys would pose a significant security risk considering that lost keys are amongst the most serious security breaches. Consequently, it was clear from the offset that an electronic access control system would best serve Weave Living’s residential properties.

“SALTO KS enables the freedom of movement between properties for staff and residents with a single credential” – David Lee, SALTO Systems Business Unit Manager, Greater Bay Area and Taiwan.

Weave Living was committed to finding a true cloud solution. It found its ideal solution in SALTO KS’ ‘Keys as a Service’ access control management platform. SALTO was the perfect partner for Weave Living owing to its smart solution offerings that catered seamlessly to Weave Living’s wide range of property types.

The solution provides a flexible, cloud-based access control management system that requires no software installation or the added expense of a fully-wired electronic product. An online device with internet connection is its only necessity. The key benefits of the SALTO KS cloud-based solution include: very little maintenance; scalable to any number of doors or properties; and extreme reliability. Property management can easily oversee the electronic locks on doors from any device – a phone, PC, or tablet – and residents can conveniently access their homes with a smartphone. Ultimately, this system eliminates the hassle, cost, and security worries associated with lost mechanical keys.

“SALTO makes it easy to manage users and access groups on SALTO KS remotely without physically presenting an access card, key fob, or smart device” – Juliana So, Weave Living Systems Manager.

SALTO Systems Business Unit Manager, Greater Bay Area and Taiwan, David Lee, said that when Weave Living and SALTO representatives first met, it was apparent that Weave Living placed a very high priority on using technology to drive a better user experience for their residents. Furthermore, SALTO KS is integrated with Weave Living’s PMS provider. As such, SALTO KS delivers a convenient digital key that residents can access from their smartphone within the same mobile app where they read news feeds, sign up for events, and make maintenance or housekeeping requests.

“Whether it’s using the SALTO key fob or integrating with the Weave Living mobile app as a digital key via Bluetooth to access doors, we have been able to create a great experience for our residents and our Weave Living staff members,” said Weave Living Systems Manager, Juliana So.

Another key benefit of SALTO KS is the ability to block access remotely, “In the case of a lost or stolen phone, one of our staff can remotely block access for that digital key and either install a new key on one of the resident’s other mobile devices or issue a SALTO key fob until they can replace their phone. The SALTO system even allows senior Weave Living staff to access multiple properties with just one digital key on their smart device,” explained So.

On a final note, SALTO KS, coupled with the elegant selection of SALTO electronic locks, is the perfect access control solution for the sleek Weave Living decor – comparable to luxury hotels. On this theme, So said, “the SALTO locks are stylish and blend in really well with our beautifully designed homes.”

Weave Living will continue to incorporate the latest SALTO smart locking technology as they expand across Hong Kong and into additional markets like Singapore and Australia. For any global gateway city – good, quality, and professionally-managed rental accommodation is the key to keeping the city competitive and attracting the best international talent to the city.

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