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Whiteboard Interactive Screen

A Smart Interactive Display of The Future
The Premier Digital Whiteboard Solution
Upgrade your displays with an innovative whiteboard interactive screen solution by Anscom. Our line of displays are ideal for presentations, brainstorm sessions and learning. Share content and interact easier with our variety of display and control products from smart interactive LED displays, LED monitor, LCD video wall and professional controllers. Whiteboard interactive screens can be used in different application scenarios, like surveillance centres, classrooms, commercial displays and even conference rooms.
Smart Collaboration to Unleash Infinite Possibilities
Designed to Fit
Flexibility to Suit Any Space
Anscom Whiteboard Interactive Screen displays come in five sizes that will fit your space, be it in the classroom or conference room. Choose from 55”, 65”, 75”, 86”, 98" displays to improve productivity, efficiency.
Advanced Features for a Seamless Experience
Effortless & Innovative
Using InGlass Technology, users can enjoy a seamless experience on the whiteboard that feels effortless. Map out, write, scribble over or highlight, just as you would usually on paper on this interactive, innovative whiteboard that equips your business for the future.
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