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Financial Institutes

Intelligent Comprehensive Security Solutions
Improving Safety and Security of the Finance Sector
Financial Institutes require a certain degree of security and safety, from protecting sensitive financial data, personal valuables and safeguarding employees and consumers. Anscom provides smart security solutions on par with industry standards.
Backed by years of experience and investment in technology solutions for the financial sector, we provide optimized smart security solutions with biometric features and a connected system to better manage and run the institution.
Smart Security Solutions for the Finance Industry
Optimal Connected Security
State-Of-The-Art Smart Security Solutions
To protect sensitive data as well as their own staff and customers, banks and other financial organizations require the greatest level of security. These facilities must meet a dual challenge: they must be publicly accessible while also providing solid internal and external security at all levels of the organization. Anscom provides banks, insurance firms, and other financial institutions with a variety of secure access solutions that work together flawlessly and are discreetly integrated.
Biometric Solutions
Comprehensive Protection for Every Need
Anscom provides leading solutions for every need, from video surveillance, access control, biometrically protected access to time-controlled doors, cross-location authorization management between branches, and contactless employee IDs as a key replacement.
Seamless security and automation for leading clients
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