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Thermal Cameras

Making the Invisible, Visible
Intelligent Thermal Imaging to Capture Beyond your Vision
Leading the way with high-end thermal imaging solutions across industries from healthcare to public institutions, Anscom’s Thermal Solutions mitigates risks of fires, identifies elevated temperatures and acts as your first line of defence. From protection and warning to asset management and personal well-being, thermal imaging is a simple and cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of your operations.
Advanced Thermal Imaging Solutions with Anscom
Detect Temperature Abnormalities
Easily monitor room or body temperatures
The importance of detecting temperature abnormalities is more important now than ever. Ideal for hospitals and corporates, get back to business with a secure and safe work force. We leverage our extensive experience and technical know-how to deliver the first in class solutions for thermal imaging.
Detect Trespassers and Unwanted Objects
Enhanced Protection 24/7
Our world class solutions offer you a peace of mind through the day and night. Invest in thermal imaging and get alerts for detection of unsolicited individuals or objects in areas with no light. Anscom’s Thermal Camera solutions gives you better visibility for things that aren’t that visible!
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