23rd September of 2021
Why One Size Doesn’t Fit All

In today’s changing workplace, conferencing can take place literally anywhere and everywhere! But how do you ensure the right equipment is used in the right room?

Online video meetings have become part of everyday life fuelled by a huge rise in software-based applications such as Zoom and Teams. The next exciting phase is hybrid working, from home as well as in the office, as the popularity of video calls continues to grow.

But with so many locations and room types it’s important to match the right technology to the right conditions. One size definitely doesn’t fit all. It’s why Konftel has produced a special interactive room type guide – spanning 15 different locations – to pinpoint the most appropriate solutions and connectivity to optimise the quality and consistency of every video meeting. It’s designed to unravel any conferencing conundrums and quickly identify the right solution and installation for the right room.

Industry pioneer
Konftel manufactures climate neutral collaboration solutions for any room type. As an industry pioneer – creating the world’s first commercial conference phone more than 30 years ago – we’ve developed an extensive portfolio to ensure ‘video solutions for every meeting’ across all software platforms.

But what components create the optimum conferencing conditions? Choosing the correct equipment is crucial, plus the type of connectivity, lighting, audio distance and overall room design and size. There are many factors to assess. Ease of use, reliability and flexibility all have to combine together in today’s ‘work from anywhere’ world.

Call environments are now hugely varied. It could be a home worker, a huddle room, medium-sized office location or a bigger boardroom. Quality really matters. Audio clarity, picture sharpness and reduction of background noise – these are all factors which greatly influence the overall quality of any meeting.

Many companies recognise the need to maintain a workforce that may be much more remote, for whom conferencing is the new norm. This means many will need to either redesign or re-equip office locations. Large conference rooms with vast glass tables, for example, make for really poor acoustics.

Environmental impact
In today’s evolving world it’s also important to consider the environmental impact. That’s why all Konftel products are Climate Neutral certified to ensure people can conference with a clear climate conscience.

Offices are set to burst back to life, but rapid transformation needs to take place to deliver safe working conditions. Are you ready? Across many parts of the world, offices are being reorganised to create more space, more meeting rooms and more video conferencing.

Safety and social distancing will be vital when more people return to offices. No-touch solutions will be increasingly popular. Our Konftel Unite app app for example, switches the operation of audio-based meetings from the traditional keypad to the screen of a mobile phone or tablet, easily via Bluetooth. The world of communication is set to enter a new phase. Be prepared. Be ready.

Users are far more discerning and will continue to be so going forward. Those with the best audio and video on a call stand out. Their contribution to the call is accentuated as a result of the way they sound. It’s the way we make the best impression nowadays.