15th October of 2021
Works with Apple HomeKit

Smart Station(also the PRO version) and cololight have completed Apple HomeKit certification and now works with HomeKit.

As the center of LifeSmart’s smart ecosystem, Smart Station & Smart Station PRO also serve as the bridge to HomeKit and let you have OS-level access to your home controls without having to dive into LifeSmart app—You can control them using Siri or the Apple Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Cololight works with HomeKit directly.

Among all brands, LifeSmart has the most devices working with HomeKit through the Smart Station bridge by far.

Devices that work with HomeKit through Smart Station are as below:

  • Switch: BLEND Light Switch, Stellar Switch, Starry Switch, 120 Smart Light Switch, CUBE Switch Module, CUBE Switch Module PRO.
  • Lighting: BLEND Light Strip, BLEND Light Bulb.
  • Plug: Smart Plug(National Standard), Smart Plug(European Standard, Energy-consumption Display), SmartPlug(In-wall), Smart Plug(In-wall, Energy-consumption Display)
  • Smart curtain: MINS Curtains Motor Controller, QuickLink Curtain Motor
  • Sensor: Water Leak Sensor, CUBE Environmental Sensor, CUBE Motion Sensor, Motion Sensor(Dry battery), CUBEDoor/Window Sensor