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Video Camera Surveillance System

Upgrade your Security & Surveillance systems with our leading global solutions today!
Smarter Surveillance Systems For A Secure Tomorrow
Enhance your security at home or at your business with Anscom’s Video Surveillance Systems. From remote monitoring of your factory floor to real-time alerts when someone’s at your door! Upgrade your security system with the right tools, be it wired or wireless, our systems are fitted with new AI features like facial recognition and fire detection that will enable you to take actions faster and respond quicker.
Innovative Surveillance Solutions
Advanced AI Features
Integrated solutions to safeguard your premises
Anscom’s video camera surveillance system is fitted with a variety of advanced AI features that allow for Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition, Tripwire, Intrusion, People Counting, Loitering Detection, Object Abandon, Object Missing, Heat Map, Human & Vehicle Classification, Fire Detection and Smart Tracking.
Cloud Storage
Remotely view and store your data
Store all your video footage and images on a cloud storage which can be easily accessed at anytime and from anywhere, in just a few clicks. Anscom’s advanced video camera surveillance system is first step in the right direction towards safety and security.
Securing & automating with reputed brands from around the world
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