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Leading the Hospitality Sector with Innovative Solutions
Automating and Optimizing Security and Operation Solutions in the Industry
With a decade of experience in providing technology solutions for the hospitality industry, Anscom serves resorts, hotels and chains in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Backed by years of investment and innovation in the hospitality sector and with a crucial understanding of the challenges faced in the industry, our solutions are designed to innovatively solve these problems, capitalise on industry trends and keeps you focused on your customers.
From optimizing security to automating operations for a seamless guest experience, be it for a large global chain or an independent property, our smart hotel technology solutions are cost effective, efficient and convenient, enabling hotel owners to reach new levels of profitability.
The Future of Hospitality Management
Smart Guest Experiences
From Check-in to Check-out
From mobile room keys, remote check-in and check-out, smart parking and more, equip your guests with a seamless, convenient and efficient guest experience from check-in to check-out.
Improved Hotel Operations
Security, Room Service and Data Protection
Enhance security systems, efficiently upgrade room service operations, and control smart energy management and data protection safely and securely with our advanced technology solutions.
Seamless security and automation for leading clients
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