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Time & Attendance Systems

Fully Automated Time Tracking Systems & More!
Gain Control of Your Workplace With Advanced Attendance Technology
Anscom’s Time and Attendance systems promotes an efficient, optimised and smooth work environment for businesses of the future. Spend less time manually recording and storing data and more time growing your business and training your employees. Our systems offer hi-tech features like fingerprint scanners, facial recognition software and RFID technology. Automatically record attendance and transfer it to payroll – you can even avoid buddy punching, mitigate data errors, and save on unclaimed overtime with our fingerprint and facial recognition technology.
Advanced Features to Improve Productivity and Efficiency in Your Business
Biometric Technology
A Smart Attendance Solution
With advanced biometric technology, our facial recognition and fingerprint scanning features allows you to eliminate any buddy punching and accurately record your employees time and attendance with ease.
Fully Automated Solutions
Save Time and Money
Our solution is fully automated which improves efficiency and minimizes data errors. Employee time and attendance records gets automatically saved and transferred to payroll, avoiding manual input inaccuracies
Securing & automating with reputed brands from around the world
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