19th August of 2021
Biometric Time and Attendance Systems Aren’t As Expensive As You Might Think!

A Time Attendance system can help you keep a close eye on an employee’s working hours, prevent time theft by accurately tracking and recording employees’ time and attendance. A biometric time attendance system allows your employees to clock in quickly and easier compare to the standard system and eliminate “buddy punching” in advance to the traditional time card system.

A complete biometric time attendance system includes both hardware and software. Include the electronic divide that scans an employee’s fingerprint or iris and software that stores all the data about time and shifts. Hardware and Software can be purchased separately, but it’s best to find a vendor that provides both of them as a complete package.

Biometric time and attendance systems aren’t as expensive as you might think. Small companies can purchase a basic system that includes hardware and software for about $1,000 to $1,500.

Some companies’ solution, which works for companies with up to 50 employees, retails for $995 to $1,300. The price includes one fingerprint scanner and software that tracks arrivals and departures, calculates hours for payroll, and tracks vacation time and sick days.

Large corporations with many hundreds or thousands of employees should expect to spend at least $10,000 on a biometric time and attendance system. For a complex system serving thousands of employees and multiple locations, the cost could rise as high as $100,000.In addition to a basic software and hardware package, you may need to purchase additional features, services, or accessories. Additional biometric scanners begin at about $1,000 to $1,300 each. Training begins at about $300 to $500 for smaller businesses and can run thousands for larger companies. Accessories like scanner covers, which protect the equipment when it is not in use, begin at about $30 to $50 each.

Because there are so many options, it helps to talk to vendors about the products they provide. Some will charge an upfront fee for a set number of traditional software licenses, others will charge a monthly fee for web-hosted software.

Although the market and advanced technology decrease the price of time and attendance system, some small companies or workshops still can’t afford extra spend besides salaries. Today, we introduce a new solution for those business owners – CrossChex Cloud. Set up a new account now and get ONLY 1 hardware connected to be a lifetime free subscriber of CrossChex Cloud. Start at $500 only, you can get a hardware that suitable for CrossChex Cloud with advanced features include: face recognition attendance, temperature, and mask identification, and get records of almost everything you want to take control of.