25th June of 2021
Go Touchless with the Right Security Technology – Anviz FaceDeep Series

The COVID remains a considerable threat but businesses are slowly returning to work. C.D.C have confirmed the importance of access controls as people return to work and list access controls as key mitigation measures in allowing workers to return to the workplace.

As a leading security solution provider, Anviz delivers high-end security hardware that connects to an intuitive, cloud-based software platform, enabling modern enterprises to run safer, smarter buildings across all locations.

As global demand for hygiene safety and protection is increasing, FaceDeep Series provides the best solution to reduce the worries of returning to office and school during the post-pandemic age.

The FaceDeep 5 Series for public area personnel control solution

  • FaceDeep 5 with IP65 outdoor design
  • Support maximum 50,000 users capacity and verify speed <0.3 s
  • Enhanced AI face recognition algorithm, the mask detection accurate claims 98%
  • Long-distance and multi-point temperature measurement technology provide fast, accurate human body temperature detection.

The FaceDeep 3 Series for SMB personnel management solution

  • Employee time attendance and access control all in one device
  • The mask detection AI face recognition algorithm
  • Support maximum 6,000 user capacity
  • AI face recognition algorithm, The mask detection accurate claims 98%
  • Combined with CrossChex Cloud software to reduce the management costs
  • Infrared temperature measurement technology provides accurate human body temperature detection,

Besides, we provide value-added integrations with SDK and API and offer support services to developers and channel partners. You can integrate our hardware with a third-party or proprietary software.