25th May of 2021
How Active Deterrence Works

When you install a security camera, it’s probably because you want to make sure that the areas under surveillance are crime-free. It will capture criminal activity and may even give you real-time alerts through a recorder or mobile notification. Though most security camera deployments are considered act of deterrence, the camera won’t do anything on its own to prevent the crime from happening: it is passive.

Dahua’s Active Deterrence changes this dynamic. As one of the core technologies of Dahua WizSense, it serves as a configurable automatic response to a person or vehicle entering the camera’s field of view. This feature is similar to how residential night sensors work when someone walks into the area and the light illuminates. Now, rather than simply recording what’s happening, the camera can help stop what’s happening. It can help prevent theft and illegal parking, and can help deter people from entering restricted areas.

Powered by deep learning algorithm, the Active Deterrence PTZ camera offers high accuracy intrusion alarms for human and vehicle targets. When the Perimeter Protection alarm or SMD alarm has been triggered, it will activate its built-in spotlight and siren (preinstalled audio or custom voice audio) to deter and warn-off the intruder. At the same time, it will send real-time event notification and video to user’s mobile phone via the DMSS app.

Moreover, with its built-in mic and speaker, this device provides Two-way Talk function, allowing users to communicate with the detected target in the monitored scene. Additionally, human and vehicle search options are also available via NVR/ XVR, which significantly speeds up target search and greatly improves search efficiency by 98%.

Aside from these intelligent features, the Active Deterrence PTZ camera also provides Time-sharing Monitoring option that allows automatic monitoring of key areas during different periods based on time task. In retail scenario for instance, the PTZ camera monitors the main area during day time, and then automatically shifts to the entrance after business hours.

Although this camera is used to deter crime or catch an incident on video, it can also be deployed for other purposes. In fact, if you have security cameras at your retail location and are only using them for the purpose of security, you are missing out on other creative ways to improve sales and customer engagement. For example, the Active Deterrence PTZ camera can also replace the need for a greeter at smaller companies or those that are short staffed. With this intelligent technology, a user can upload a custom audio message to offer a customer greeting such as “Welcome, please log in. Someone will attend to you shortly.”

To see Active Deterrence in action, check out this demo video.