25th February of 2020
Bustin common misconceptions about Smart Locks

A study cited by Market Watch projected that the global smart lock market would see a significant expansion from 2017 to 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 11%. This growth is not only due to the rapid adoption of technologically advanced security and safety solutions across the world, but also the high number of burglary incidents reported, with the 2017 FBI Crime Report revealing that a burglary happens once every 23 seconds.

With this information in mind, people are adopting new smart security technologies that will help them and their loved ones be safe and, Smart Locks are among them. Coming in all shapes and features, here are some of the most common myths about smart locks, and the truth behind them:

Smart locks are difficult to install and need complicated wiring

While it is true that installing home security systems used to mean cutting walls open, modern smart locks are battery operated. Hence, installations are far easier as they require little to no wiring. Our smart lever and smart deadbolts are meant to be DIY Installation, with only a few screws you will be set in minutes.

Smart locks are hard to use

Modern smart locks usually come with phone apps that make them very easy to use. Keeping your home secure is even easier with smart locks like our Ultraloq Smart Lock. This allows you to connect to your Google Assistant device so you can lock, unlock, and check your front door with just your voice.

Keys and mechanical locks are more reliable

Keys can easily get lost and mechanical locks can be effortlessly picked by experienced burglars. Like your traditional door locks, smart locks come in varying security grades. Getting smart locks with AAA ratings offers greater reliability and security than mechanical door locks, like our U-Bolt Pro the won the PCMag Editor’s Choice Award for The Best Smart Locks for 2020

Smart locks are expensive

Developments in technology and the rapid growth of the industry have allowed for easy-to-install and affordable products to be available. That is why we have developed entry-level smart deadbolts, starting at 139.99 you will enjoy different features and a high level of security.

Smart locks can be easily hacked

As mentioned above, IoT devices are subject to hacking, but like in most cases hackers are only successful when users have weak passwords or the devices are extremely vulnerable. To counter these problems, smart locks today usually come with multiple layers of security. When connected to your phone, smart locks also send push notifications to your device whenever home access is granted.

Smart locks require long term contracts

With smart locks becoming more and more popular, companies have been trying to bring this technology to a lot more people by making it affordable and available even without a contract. Simple smart locks are easy to install (you can even do it on your own), require a single payment, and can even be taken with you when you move.

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By: Malia Ruth

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