24th October of 2019
Benefits of Keyless Door Locks

On one hand, you have some groceries, with the other one, you start looking for your keys in your now-Mary-Poppins-bag where you can find everything but them.

How many times have you been through this mission impossible?

Keyless doors are changing the way we access our home. Below you will find three benefits you will get if you upgrade to a keyless smart lock.


Situations where your hands are full, and you’re just in front of the door thinking how you will manage to open it. Here is the first reason why you should change to a keyless smart lock. With Ultraloq, you will be able to open your door with your fingerprint, your passcode, and with some of our locks will even give to the chance to active Auto Unlock. Right when you are approaching your door with your smartphone, the lock will open automatically, no keys, no fingerprint, no passcode.

One more for convenience, if you get an Ultraloq, the installation will take less than 15 minutes, no wiring, and no drilling if you have a US standard size door.


Our locks are built to protect you and your valuables. All of them are made out of durable materials, weather resistance, and data encryption that will keep your data safe. Convenience and Safety must go hand in hand, and with Ultraloq, you will get them. You can add a smart deadbolt for an extra layer of security, or a two-point lock with like our Ultraloq Combo.

Access control

With Ultraloq, you will stop using keys. With the U-tec App, you will be able to grant access to a family member, Airbnb guest, cleaner, delivery man, babysitter, dog walker, it doesn’t matter if they don’t have a set of keys, with your Ultraloq you can control it all, remotely from the App.

One more example, if you installed an Ultraloq in your office, you will forget about changing the sets of keys every time an employee stops working, just delete it from the App and, if you have a new employee, just add it. Forget about keys; they can be lost, stolen, or copied.

If you want to check the Smart Locks, we offer and see how easy an upgrade to an Ultraloq is, please click here.