17th October of 2019
Use your Apple Watch to unlock your Ultraloq!

If you have an Ultraloq you already now that we offer a wide variety of options to let you into your house, fingerprint, code, shaking or knocking on your phone, auto-unlock and, using a normal key, but that is not enough, from now on you can use your Apple Watch to unlock your Ultraloq.

With your Apple Watch running WatchOS 3.0 or higher you will be able to unlock and lock your Ultraloqs as well as receive smart notifications.

So what are you waiting for, start using this new feature!

Before adding Ultraloq to your Apple Watch ensure you have the latest version of the U-tec App.

You will be able to unlock your Ultraloq using your Apple Watch even if you don’t have your phone.

Unlocking remotely via Apple Watch is not available, communication between Apple Watch and your Ultraloq is via Bluetooth.

For questions about Apple Watch notifications, click Here